About me

I’m Jen Rice, an American who’s living (for now) in Tbilisi, Georgia. After nearly 30 years of helping business leaders create thriving organizations, I’m now following my heart: helping women get unstuck and create thriving lives. By first doing the hard work for myself, I’ve developed an effective process that I can share with others.

More specifically, what lights me up is working with other misfits — women who never felt like they fit into mainstream society — to celebrate their uniqueness, develop self-assurance and peace of mind, and bring their gifts into the light.

Who are misfits? Like me, you might be an introvert, gay, on the autism spectrum, or suffer from the effects of past trauma. You might have moved around enough as a kid to have a wider perspective on life. Or you’ve simply gone along with everyone else’s opinions for your life and lost yourself along the way. I can relate to it all.

My personal journey

50th birthday photo shoot

I started my own transformation journey about 15 years ago. Frustrated at feeling so stuck and miserable, I was finally compelled to do something about it. I hired coaches and therapists; attended meditation retreats where we didn’t speak, write or make eye contact for a week; and tried on a variety of identities to see how they felt. I learned how to listen to my gut and follow through on what I heard. Rinse and repeat, over and over, gaining clarity through a lot of trial and error.

Transformation is not a straight line. We circle around to the same place over and over again, but (ideally) at increasingly higher levels. Over the years I gradually released everything that wasn’t me and allowed myself to love what was underneath. I got comfortable in my own skin, and developed the courage to take seemingly big risks that were totally in line with my authentic self.

I’m now at a point where all that work is paying off. I’ll run into people who knew me years ago, and they’ll often comment on how noticeably grounded and happy I’ve become. I’m now living my dream of being a citizen of the world (aka digital nomad). More and more people are asking me how I did it… and between my professional and personal journeys and experiences, the “how” of transformation has become clear.

What is transformation, anyway?

The word evokes an idea that we change into something completely different, which sounds really scary. Fortunately it’s untrue. A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, but its essence is still the same. The outer appearance and its capabilities are different, but the butterfly already exists within the caterpillar, encoded in the DNA. Unlike the caterpillar, we have to make a conscious choice whether we’re willing to make the change.

Transformation is simply about moving through stages of growth, shedding what no longer serves us, and evolving into greater freedom, self-expression and whatever success means to us.

Work with me

If you’d like to embark on a transformation journey of your own, I have a couple questions for you:

  • Are you at least at Level 1 of gut listening? Meaning, you are capable of feeling your gut, even if you don’t always know what it means? If not, spend some time with the Level 1 exercise in the link until you can at least feel it when your body tells you when you’re on and off track.
  • Are you willing to take action, not only on the process itself (you’ll have homework) but also acting on the decisions that come out of the process?
  • Are you willing to trust the process, even when it sends you in the opposite direction than what you expect?

If the answer to these questions are YES, book a no-obligation call with me to see if there’s a fit. You can access my calendar here. I’m currently in Europe, so if there’s no convenient time shown, feel free to email me directly (email in the calendar link) and I’ll open up a slot that works.

Why me?

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a coach:

  • who doesn’t ask of you anything that they haven’t done themselves
  • with extensive experience helping leaders set motivating visions and define the paths to get there, personally and professionally
  • who can empower you to sustain your own journey with tools and resources

My goal is to transfer the “how” of transformation to you… empowering and equipping you with everything you need to eventually guide yourself on what will ultimately be a life-long process.