The islands of Helsinki

Helsinki is an easy day trip via ferry from Tallinn. But… honestly, it’s just a big city. Within 15 minutes I was pretty much done and ready to move on. Fortunately, I’d done my homework and knew about the opportunity to explore the islands within easy reach of Helsinki’s harbor.

My token photo of Helsinki

I’d say that the islands were interesting enough to make the trip and easily check another country off my list. I particularly enjoyed Kings Gate in Suomenlinna. That said, I’m not compelled to write a detailed commentary, especially since so many others have done good write-ups, so enjoy the photos 🙂 I will save my writing energy for Latvia and Lithuania.

First stop: Vallisaari

Mostly a nature walk, with some cool remnants of military occupation and some very bizarre cartoon signage.


I really enjoyed this island, which is one of Finland’s five world heritage sites. I especially the King’s Gate area. Culture Trip did a good write-up on the island here.

The ferry

Book your Tallinn to Helsinki ferry trip here. If you can ride the MegaStar, do it. It’s so much nicer than the regular Star.

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